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At Psychopomp Tattoo, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and comfortable environment for all your tattoo needs. Our experienced artists work in a clean and hygienic space to ensure your health and safety is always our top priority.



To lower the risk of any allergic reactions on our clients, we only use pigments produced by trusted tattoo brands from U.S.A., Europe and Taiwan. All inks we use passed the safety regulations in their respective countries.

The studio is completely smoke free with a separate room for smokers.


Tattoo Artist Removing

We use 100% sterile single use cartridge needles for each individual client. All of which will then be disposed after each session. Every surface in the tattoo area is cleaned and disinfected before and after every session.

All re-usable equipments, such as tattoo machine, plastic bottles, are fully covered with impermeable material. We try our best to ensure the cleanest possible in our studio.



At the end of a tattoo session, our artists will provide clients two choices of wound protection: using cling warp (the traditional way) or second skin (a transparent, adhesive barrier). We will give clear instruction of how to take care of the tattoo during the healing stage.


Clients are also welcome to purchase aftercare lotion, provided by the trusted brand Tattoo Goo.

ABBP Certificates


Psychopomp Tattoo commits to providing our clients a safe and friendly tattoo environment. Our artists are passionate about their work and have passed The Asia Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate training course, ran by Hong Kong Body Modification and Tattoo Artists Association (BMTAHK), to ensure your safety.

ABBP certified artist list

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